Bob Bing Craig on Reconnecting With Who He Really Is, Surrendering To What Feels Good, & Remembering That Writing The First Line Will Eventually Turn Into The Whole Book.

January 19, 2023

Bob Bing Craig is a writer, comedian, actor, and teacher who loves to educate, entertain, and inspire others through his various artistic expressions and adventurous endeavors.

His professional writing career began as a lifestyle reporter and theater critic for several local and regional newspapers and he served as the editor of Midwest Real Estate News magazine. His work has been seen in the Chicago Tribune and Indiana University Alumni Magazine among others.

Bob studied improvisational comedy in Chicago and Los Angeles at highly regarded institutions like The Second City, iO (formerly ImprovOlympic), and The Groundlings. He was the founding member of two different improv comedy groups and has taught improvisation to hundreds of people. He currently performs as a regular cast member at ImprovCity in Tustin, California and other venues around the Los Angeles area.

His well-rounded approach to life can be attributed to his past work experiences that include – bicycle messenger, camp counselor, kennel cleaner, running coach, dishwasher, lifeguard, commercial real estate agent, background actor, wild goose chaser and having lived in several basements during his life. He’s completed eight marathons and served in the US Navy, working on the flight deck of the USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65).

Bob was born in Chicago (Go Cubs!), grew up in Richmond, Indiana and graduated from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!). He is the loving and supportive father of two fine young men, Jack and Robby, who will undoubtedly save the Earth from destruction someday.

Although not a surfer (yet), he now resides in Seal Beach, California in a tiny apartment near the Pacific Ocean that he affectionately calls the Surf Shack. When he’s not writing or making people laugh, you can find him hunting for sea glass pieces on the beach.

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