Evie Kevish on Aligning Dedication with Discipline & How Juicing Fuels her Mindset

June 23, 2022

Certified Juice Therapist and badass mom dedicated to helping women feel healthy and confident. Through education and coaching on the power of juice and an active lifestyle, my people learn how to heal themselves, 1 fresh-pressed juice at a time. Life’s too short to not live each moment loud and proud. You’ll find me up at 4:07am banging techno beats in my funky garage gym (I can back squat 220 now). I don’t tell you this just to brag, but to show you what’s possible when you take time to make time. Let me lift you up.

IG: @eviekevish

Evie creates handcrafted juice blends to help you with all of your needs. Whether you are looking for fresh, cold pressed juice or if you are looking to cleanse, detox and heal, Evie Kevish has the juices you want and need. Orders are due by 11:59pm CST every Tuesday for weekend pick up. Detox/Custom orders available upon request. Local orders only.

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Sarah Metzger 0:08
Welcome back, everyone. It’s another fantastic day at What’s on Your Plate Podcast. I’m Sarah, your host, and today I’m welcoming a true badass to the conversation. Evie Kevish joins me today. It was really hard to encapsulate all the awesomeness of Evie in today’s episode, but you’ll get a glimpse of why juicing has become a lifestyle for her, how she thrives as a plant based weightlifter and how influencing our youth to make better more conscious decisions is such important work. So without further ado, I give you Evie….

Okay, we are here with Evie Kevish, certified juice therapist. Welcome, Evie, thank you for joining and being with me this morning.

Evie Kevish 1:07
Thank you so much for having me today. truly appreciate it.

Sarah Metzger 1:10
I’m so excited to talk to you. Because so much of what you do resonates with what I do. I know of course, we’re both on our plant based journeys a little bit differently, but also with the same mindset of just plants being fuel. So I’d love to hear more about your place in it all and how you found yourself even interested in this journey.

Unknown Speaker 1:39
Okay, so yeah, you know, I’ll tell you, I had two kids and two years, and I was really overweight, just from having two kids back to back. And I was just really struggling with energy. And really just trying to find you know, something to fuel my body and make me feel better. And I was always like, pretty much I don’t know, for like all my 30s I guess it’s I was always like an avocado and eggs kind of girl in the morning, every morning. So then I was like, you know, I want to I want to try smoothies and just see how I feel. So I started doing smoothies. And I started feeling really good. And it felt good. And as I was doing that, I was just reading more about fruit and really learning about fruit and the power of fruit and stuff. And then I started to see stuff about juice on social media and stuff. And it really caught my eye. And what captivated me was like, the actual colors of the juices, like they just looked so good and so beautiful. And I was like, you know, I think I want to try that. So as I was I had my first kid when I was 35. And then I became vegan on my 40th birthday. And really just understanding plant based nutrition. And I am an athlete as well. So I was a little hesitant at first because I was like you know, always thinking about the protein and how am I going to make gains and achieve my athletic abilities on plants. But as I started doing more plants and eating more plants, I was noticing I was leaning out and getting stronger and faster and my workouts and just feeling really good. So I started doing like I said, the juices I started, you know really getting into juicing. And it really changed my life. You know, I just really took off with it, I started just feeling good. The weight was coming off, I was having super high levels of energy. And just feeling amazing. Like I noticed a huge change in my hair and my skin. Just everything I felt so good. So as I was sharing my journey on social media, more and more people just kept asking me about the juices and different kinds of recipes and stuff like that. So I was like, you know, I wonder if there’s anything that I can do to go to school for this because I want to help people. And I want to make sure I’m telling them the correct information. So I found the juice guru Institute. And I did the Mastery program there. And after that I started my business and now here I am certified use therapist couple years later started my business and really love to help. Mostly I help moms and women. But I do I have a couple male clients as well. And just really love to inspire, educate and motivate people on the power of juice, natural and holistic health and healing and how plants and juice and fruit can really change your life. So that’s kind of it in a nutshell!

Sarah Metzger 4:40
That’s fantastic. Yes, fantastic. And, you know, you just completely took charge of where you were in your life and made a complete switch it sounds like to just take a risk on yourself and try something different. That had to be kind of hard and finding the courage to do that. Like you said you were little bit hesitant because of not knowing whether it was right from an athletic standpoint, but I would imagine to just like I can remember initially just going vegan, and it was not even necessarily from a health standpoint right away, it was more just, you know, eliminating animals from my diet and just the backlash from even just family of, you know, oh, you’re not going to eat this, you know, I can eat that. And to go from, you know, Omni to juicing. I mean, that’s, that was seems to be pretty extreme. How did you handle that from those around you? Are they accepting and supportive of that?

Unknown Speaker 5:36
Um, you know what, I’ll be honest with you. It was kind of a struggle at first I, you know, I’m Puerto Rican. So a lot of our food is based around meat. And our holidays are always like, lechon, you know, which is like a pork roast, pollo guisado, which is like a chicken stew. That’s another big one. So my family, initially, they were just like, Oh, she’s vegan. But then as it progressed, and then I wasn’t eating as much of the foods they were accepting. But I think a little like, you know, they didn’t understand because I was opposite of you. Like, initially, I went plant based for the health aspect. And I didn’t really learn or understand the animal portion of it until later. And that’s when it really like, hit me, you know, and even this morning, when I was my kids were getting ready for school. They were talking about candy. And my daughter said that she knew that a KitKat was milk chocolate, and she didn’t want to eat it, because she loves the animals, you know? And it really touched my heart. I’m like, Oh, my gosh, it’s really resonating with her now. So, you know, yes, at first, it was challenging because thinking like, what am I going to eat? And what can I still have, you know, what I like and dishes that I like, but as you, you know, go further into it, you can basically have everything that you love, and make it into a plant based version. You know, people just don’t know, or they’re scared. Or they think like, oh, no, there’s no way it’ll ever tastes that good. But then you taste it. Like when I had your wraps for my daughter’s birthday…. Everyone’s like, oh, wow, these are bomb. I’m like, see? And they’re vegan, you know? So I’m like, you never know, to try. So yeah, you know, exactly. But everyone, I always, like, when I have a party or go somewhere, like, I’ll bring a dish to share, and everybody always ends up liking it, I’m like, see, it’s plant based, and you didn’t even know.

Sarah Metzger 7:27
I think people get really hung up on just what they’ve always done, you know, it’s like, they feel sort of threatened by the idea that, you know, perhaps they could maybe not be doing something correctly, all these years, their whole life, the way that they’ve been doing something isn’t awesome…but it’s feeding people, you know, doing that with food, I’m not going to be the person, you know, all due respect to those that are, but I’m not going to be the person that stands, you know, with a sign, you know, marching or doing, you know, extreme demonstrations, you know, showing the, I guess, extreme nature that animals are treated in the food industry. So I’m never going to be able to do that. But I feel like feeding people good food is very relatable. People want to know that they can eat food that they love. And when you share it with them, then they start to become believers.

Unknown Speaker 8:40
Absolutely. And the fact that it’s good, you know what I mean? Like, even the treats, right? It’s like, whether it’s sweet and savory or salty. I mean, it’s all kinds of dishes and meals that you can have that are just absolutely incredible. You know, even this past weekend since the city reopened, my husband, I have been dying to go out and we went to Sunda, and just maxed out on all the vegan dishes. Awesome vegan sushi, you know, and that sounds crazy but it was so good. So good. You know? Yeah, there’s a lot of options. And I feel like it’s getting more prominent and people are getting more open to trying it and to see even, you know, having these options at restaurants and you know, other places out food trucks, that kind of stuff.

Sarah Metzger 9:31
For sure, for sure. I mean, it’s such an easy time to be vegan. I feel like compared to almost 12 years ago, when I initially transitions, you know, I mean, it was really hard to even find like a boca burger, which, you know, kids today as I’ll put it don’t even know what a boca burger is. Everybody is, you know, on impossible and beyond which, you know, yeah, it was it was definitely the struggle was a little bit more real than and I’m not even, you know, back in the day type of person, the pioneers of veganism literally just had, they could they could not go to the store and get any kind of like alternative product, right? They were lucky to find soy milk. So and then it was like at a health food store and was, you know, $10 or something. So we’ve come a long way for sure to be able to just have so many amazing options, even in a small area, like Northwest Indiana. So it’s a blessing. You mentioned your daughter talking about candy. Are they plant based as well?

Unknown Speaker 10:33
Yes. So when they were younger, they did have organic dairy and eggs because I was not vegan yet. But they have never eaten meat ever. Neither of them. So yeah. And, you know, I, it’s hard. Sometimes it’s like, you know, at school, they have all these things going on, and I’ve let the school know and the teachers so you know, I bring or I’ll you know, give them a snack or treat so they’re not left out. But yeah, they know and they understand. And my oldest daughter, she’s getting it and understanding it more and more. She even asked me this morning, she’s like, can you give me one of those shirts that you have that says I don’t eat my homies? And I’m like, yes.

Sarah Metzger 11:14
It’s awesome.

Unknown Speaker 11:18
But my little one, she’s still like, she’s a little bit she’ll eat whatever. And if she doesn’t know, or she’s just like, Oh, I’ll eat it, you know? Because like, we were talking about the kitkats. She’s like, well, Noni gives them to me, which is my mom. And I was like, yeah, that’s milk chocolate. It comes from the cow, you know? And my, like, yeah, I don’t eat that. But my little one, she’s still like, well, it’s good. And I’m like, Girl, you’re still learning, but you’ll get it. Yeah.

Sarah Metzger 11:44
Yeah, for sure. I, my son has been vegan since conception, essentially, because I was vegan quite a bit prior to him arriving in this world. But yeah, he’s seven. And he is starting to, like, have some more questions, I guess, you know, like, he’s been educated along the way about, you know, friends not food type of mentality. But now that he’s amongst his peers in school, you know, he’s still holding his own and still feeling okay about it. But sometimes he’s like, I wish I could have that or so then we just make it we make it veganized. You know, so then he does have that. So it’s the same kind of thing. I think that, again, with the generations now it’s much more accepting to be vegan at a young age and be in school and be eating plant based. You know, it’s much more mainstream, and people are aware of it. So I think our kids will have a bit of an easier time and won’t feel isolated as much. I don’t think if anything, they’ll probably inspire those around them, because there is the trendy part of veganism as well. That is good and bad, good and bad to have that part of it. But I think that that could work in their favor, especially as young young people out in the world being a little bit against the grain.

Unknown Speaker 13:08
Yeah, for sure. You know, I My daughter has struggled with that a little bit too, because, like she was telling me at school, she’s like, I’m the only person that has cold lunch. She’s like, everybody eats hot lunch. And I was like, really? I’m like, nobody’s mom packs their lunch? And she said, No, she’s like, everybody at my table, eats hot lunch. And then they say, My food is gross or weird. And I’m like, really? And I was like, so you eat like fruit for lunch, banana. And then, you know, like, I’ll do the hippies, you know, like the vegan Cheetos and like a pouch, and then some kind of treat or whatever. So or she’ll have like a peanut butter and jelly. And I asked her, I’m like, do you want to eat the hot lunch? And she’s like, No, not really. And I said, you know, I’ll call the school and ask, so I asked, I knew there probably wasn’t going to be anything. But I saw the menu in the ingredients and all the foods and I was just like, Oh, my God, and I even brought it up at a school board meeting. I’m like, you know, I’m thankful that you guys offer free lunch to the kids. And you know, I understand there’s some families that really need help. I was like, when you really look at what you’re feeding these children. It is cancer causing chemical GMO, processed garbage, crap, literally, that you’re feeding these children. And I’m like, how do you think that’s gonna affect their brain? And then when they have birthdays, you know, like I said, the treats they bring in, it’s like GMO ice cream. All sugar dyes, you know, my daughter knows she’s like, and she knows that we don’t do you know, the food dyes and chemicals. But it’s I feel like they’re, you know, not really setting up the next generation for health and, you know, teaching them about food. That’s I’m saying like, you can show a seven year old, a papaya and a plate of fries and like they know what the fries are. Do they know what a papaya is? You know what I mean? So, see, it’s, but I’m glad thank God for moms. like us that are teaching our kids, you know how important truly that nutrition is, because that is the foundation of everything with your health, you know, truly.

Sarah Metzger 15:08
Yeah, absolutely. It is a struggle. And I deal with that same kind of thing with my son with the hot lunches. And so far, he hasn’t really, you know, said that he is wanting to try it or worried about what people say to him about what he eats. But yeah, that menu is definitely leaving something to be desired. And I think, I don’t know, I think it just starts with their own history and food, whoever is creating those menus and in charge of what they feed the kids, it starts with them, you know, they probably don’t have the knowledge on food as you and I do to perhaps advocate for a better menu for schools. So maybe that’s a project in the future for you and I so work on together, but yeah, you know, I feel like the best that we can do is just with anything else is be the example, you know, show up for our kids. And, you know, let them know why we just don’t choose those foods, be it because of health or ethical reasons or environmental. There’s so many reasons, of course, why the plant based journey is better than Omni journeys, but it’s just just about staying on the path stay on the course feeding people so that they don’t think we’re eating tree bark. Right. rabbit food? I know I know, the struggle is so real. When you talk about your you know, the other passion in your life as well, your your lifting journey. CrossFit type workouts, how are you feeling with that in regards to you’re juicing and mostly raw? Right, mostly raw diet? Is that what I see that you are eating most of the time?

Unknown Speaker 16:59
Yeah, so I would say I’m about 80/20 Raw with cook foods. I mean, I don’t you know, I only eat cook foods a lot. But I still eat them for sure. You know, it’s not like I deprive myself. It’s just, I feel better physically, mentally, spiritually, when I do raw foods, I can tell a huge difference in my body and my gut. But yeah, you know, I, you know, it’s not like I’m an elite athlete, I’ve always been athletic and worked out my whole life. Even in college, like I was just dedicated, I stayed in the gym, I always, I’ve always been that way, just I’ve always been like that, and I really, truly enjoy working out. But, you know, I started CrossFit when I was 33. And that is when I really learned about food, nutrition, that kind of stuff. And when I took this class about nutrition, and they really teach the Paleo diet, and I converted to paleo, and I did that for a while and I felt really good. I was making gains and feeling great. But then once I got pregnant, I could not handle the smell texture tastes of meat, any of that. So then I was thinking, Okay, this is just for right now. And I’ll be okay. And then I’ll go back and I’ll, you know, get back on chicken or whatever. But then, as I was changing and evolving, I was like, I don’t want that I didn’t feel like that. And then I had talked to some other friends because I was like, you know, having the two kids in two years, and then I’m not one of those people. It’s like, I gotta get my body back. Because it’s like, you’re never going to have the body that you had you had kids, it’s never going to be the same, like you’re changed forever. So it’s not about getting my body back. It’s about creating this new badass vessel. That is an example to my kids, my family, you know, to everyone to, to show them that. Yes, you can be a strong plant based athlete. And on top of that, you know, you can be a strong plant based raw foods athlete, and I heard a lot of criticism from former CrossFit friends, you know, not bad, but just joking around. They’re like, Oh, man, that’s never going to work. All that sugar with the juices, no protein shakes, no meat, you’re not gonna do anything. And then here it is. I’m like, Well, look at this. I’m 42 years old. I just smashed a 275 pound deadlift at the end of December. You know, I’m continually gaining strength and feeling so good. Like, the proof is in the pudding. You know, I don’t take any supplements. I’m not any powders. I don’t take any protein, anything. So I’m like, it’s all the fruit, you know, the amino acids and the fruit is what’s building my muscles and strength. And I feel amazing, honestly, like, I feel so good now, and I feel stronger, leaner and lighter now at 42 than I did you know, at 35 or 33. You know, and I just feel amazing. I’m continually making games, and I still I trained five days a week on Um, the CrossFit open is going on right now this was I didn’t sign up this year, I just feel like there’s been a lot of changes within CrossFit over the past year. And I was just like, I’m going to do them for fun, but I’m not going to actually go and get judged and all that I was like, so I still do competitions here and there. But it’s really just, it’s me against me, you know, it’s like, I’m not against anybody else. I just want to be the best version of myself. And I’m, you know, I’ve been in my garage gym for almost five years. And, you know, just to continue to get strong, not get hurt. And you know, work on my lifts, I still suck at snatches. It’s been almost 10 years, but I still try them and do long, you know, but yeah, like my back squat, my front squat and deadlift, my cleans everything. It’s like I’m continually progressing. And I’m getting older. I’m like, what does that tell you? You know, it’s like, the proof is in the pudding right there. So definitely, like, you know, it’s like, go for it. If you feel in your heart, your mind is like, this is what you want to do. Do it, give it a try, you know, and that’s what I was like, well shoot last year or two years ago, my deadlift was 250. Then this last year, it was 275. I’m like, 25 pounds of strength in a year. So this year, you better believe I’m going for the 300. I’m like, I want to get it for sure. I’ll get it! Yes! So yeah,

Sarah Metzger 21:22
That’s so amazing. I mean, you just, you know, step right into those intimidating situations of, well, you know, I don’t have it yet, but I’m gonna get it. And, you know, you’re just trying to beat yourself, essentially, which is really awesome. You’re not competing with anybody else. I think that’s a lot of times what shuts people down or discourages them as they think that they have to somehow be better than who’s ever standing next to them. It’s like, no, just be better than who you were yesterday. You know, just keep progressing forward.

Unknown Speaker 21:56
Yes, that’s what it’s all about, you know. And I just try to encourage people to, you know, like, as a mom and a woman, it’s like, you want to feel strong, and confident, and sexy and beautiful. And these are all things that help you feel all of those ways, you know, I do feel so good. And, you know, I want my girls to be proud of me. And they know, like, mom is so strong. And then, even this morning, my daughter was like, why is your butt like that, …lolol…I was like, you want to touch it?…lol? Like because it’s a muscle, I do squats. So you can have a nice booty and like it, their glutes are an actual muscle. So it was funny, but they noticed that, you know, and I was like, Yeah, you know, you don’t work out and take care of yourself, and you’re not going to be strong and fit. And I love being strong and fit. So that’s why I continue to do it.

Sarah Metzger 22:45
Right, right. And that’s so amazing that you’re influencing young women like that, you know, helping them understand that strong is the new beautiful, being strong is beautiful. It’s not about, you know, the size of anything on your body, it’s how you feel. And if you are healthy and taking care of you, like, that’s more attractive than anything else that is just touched up or, you know, made feel fake or look fake.

Unknown Speaker 23:14
Yes, I agree. And that’s one thing, like I tell my clients, when they come to me, it’s like, do not focus on your size or your weight, because I am not about that. And if that’s what you want, then we’re not a fit, because, like you just said, it’s about cleansing inside of the body, you know, repairing the tissues and cells on a molecular level, detoxing the body health, fitness, you know, and like I tell people, you know, I’m a big girl, I’m 5’9. I don’t own a scale. The last time I got weighed, I weighed 147. And I’m like, it doesn’t matter. Like, I don’t care about that. And, you know, I know I’m never going to be a size zero because I’m a big girl like, I’m 5’9, I’m just my body frame is not that type. And that’s okay. You know, and I just feel like women are so hard on themselves. It’s like a number is never going to bring you satisfaction. You know if it’s 2,4,6 or the skill says 1,2,3… It doesn’t matter. Like I don’t care about any of that and that’s why I try to push and encourage as well because it’s like I care about when I look in the mirror feeling healthy, sexy, confident, beautiful, strong seeing my muscles and that’s what makes me feel good. I don’t care if it’s like oh yeah, I need to be this size or whatever. Get out of here with the not for me, girl. I want to see like this muscle needs to be bigger. All right, like that’s what I’m about. Yeah.

Sarah Metzger 24:37
Yeah, for sure. I can relate to that. And I love that you don’t have a scale. I don’t own a scale either. And I’ve just always thought that no matter what that number says, I’m never going to be happy with it. It’s why would you start your day off getting on a scale starting in a mindset of just negativity, you know, so on Even as a running coach, which I did that for several years, I would always tell my runners, you know, this is not about, you know, losing weight. This is about you feeling strong and healthy and having endurance, you know, it doesn’t matter what that number says. So I mean, yes, as a, you know, bonus running can create weight loss, but it’s certainly not shouldn’t be the primary goal, you know, you should be doing activities like lifting or running because, for one, they feed your soul and make you feel amazing, just, you know, as a person, and then strong and capable. But also just, you know, just completely for the health of it all overall, and that for the numbers on the scale, just an awful way to start the day or end the day.

Unknown Speaker 25:47
I agree. I agree. Yeah, if you start, like starting the day, like that, and then going into that negative mindset, it’s just, it’s so unhealthy that really is. So yeah

Sarah Metzger 25:56
mindset too, is just, it’s everything to is it brings to mind, just everything with the juicing and lifting and just veganism in general or just starting the day off with the kids, right? You know, just that mindsets has so much power in our day. turning on the TV and listening to the awful news is not the best way to start the day. You know, it’s you know, stay informed, stay educated, but it’s like to start it off with bad news, right? Whether it’s number on the scale, the news on the TV, I even tried to just not even turn on social media for a good hour after I get up just just don’t even do that. Any of that. Because whatever you see, it’s like it’s immediate information. It’s like an immediate download of what you should be thinking or talking about from that moment on for the day, just doesn’t resonate.

Evie Kevish 26:56
Well, I agree.

Sarah Metzger 26:56
How do you start your day?

Unknown Speaker 26:57
So Monday through Friday, I wake up at 4:07am. And literally, it’s 4:07, I have it timed out perfectly. So winter, I have to turn on my garage heat because obviously it’s cold in there. So I like come up back upstairs and wash my face brush my teeth get ready. And then I’ll start my workout by 430. And then I work out from 430 to 530. Sometimes 545 to six o’clock is really pushing at us like not good because I got a shower get ready. Then I get my kids ready for school. So yeah, that’s I mean, I just I everyday I do my workout Monday through Wednesday, Friday, Saturday is workout. And then on Thursdays I do yoga and meditation in the mornings. So I always do that. And then I do a gratitude journal every morning write down you know, my, my journal. And then yeah, after that it’s start work and get the kids are off to school, and then Yeah, ready for the day. So yes, every day it started like that. And then I agree with you because I used to just have the TV on in the morning in the background just to hear the news. But I can’t do all that… we cancelled our cable like two or three years ago, we don’t ever watch TV anymore. And in the morning, every morning, I listen to motivational speeches while I’m getting ready. Lewis Howes, Eric, the hip hop preacher, what’s his name, Les, Les Brown, all these great motivators and speakers. So that is what I’m feeding my mind every morning, just positivity, motivation, inspiration. And that absolutely helps, you know, with my date, so it’s like, today I did my yoga meditation, I’m like, it’s gonna be a good day positivity. And like, you know, everything’s gonna be it’s just, it’s gonna be a great day. And it is. So yeah, you got to, you’ve got to have that positive mentality. It’s truly, truly helps.

Sarah Metzger 29:02
You are just like, the perfect example of what we all should aspire to do every day. So put us in the right mindset. I mean, that is just such like a perfect vision of all the things from working out to journaling to meditation. I mean, it’s just all right there listening, putting yourself in the presence of that positive energy. We all should aspire to have your routine in the morning. What do you do to just make sure that you stay on track with that? Because, you know, motivation? I feel like is not the best tool for success because it goes away. Yeah, but you can’t really do things just because you’re motivated because most of us are not motivated. Might have that initial little motivation for a couple of days. You know, people get on track with like a routine or something. But then, you know, not so much so you have to do it anyways. Right? Even though you’re not motivated. How do you stay on top back with that,

Unknown Speaker 30:00
yes, great question. So, you know, I’ll be honest, like, during the winter, it is hard to work out because it’s like, it’s cold. And it’s so early, and it’s like, you know, you peel the covers off, and it’s like, oh, God, you know, and then I gotta change my clothes, and it’s cold again, and it’s cold, the graduate warms up, you know, so I agree, like, motivation will get you started. But discipline is really what’s gonna keep you going. So I know in my mind, that the only the only time that I have to myself to work out like that uninterrupted, is that early in the morning, because after that, you could forget it…. work, picking up the kids from school, karate, swimming, after school activities, homework, bath dinner, by the time it’s all done, when is it time for mom, you know what I mean?… I know that if I don’t do that, then that’s it, I miss my window. And I know that in my heart, my mind, my body, my soul, my spirit, that it feels so good to start the day like that. And I just do it. Because there’s no other option. If I don’t do that, I will feel so like off and bad and gross, that it drives me to just keep going. So I don’t miss because I’m like, This is it. Like, if you don’t get up and do it, then that’s it. And I want to be fit, I want to be lean, I want to be stronger. And if I lay in bed and sleep on them, I can achieve those things. So that’s what continually drives me and then seeing my progress as well. You know, like seeing the actual definition of my muscles, my stomach actually going away. Like, I still have a little pooch, but still working on it. And that’s what continues to drive me having that discipline mind and just sticking with it. And I’ll be honest with you, like 98% of my clients, you know, they tell me that they just don’t have that discipline, they struggle, so many people struggle with it. And it’s really like a 2% elite of people that really can stay on track, stay motivated, and driven to continue to get to the goal. So for me, it’s just like I said, I know that that’s the only time I have and I take it very seriously, like, I train on I’m on programming and everything. So it’s like, I’m not gonna miss my opportunity. Because then it’s like, do you think you’re gonna want to do it at like, six at night when you get home from karate? Or, you know, the kids, you’re trying to make dinner or bath that it’s interrupted mom this mom that? No, no, no, no. So I’m like, if you want to make the games, you better show up in the frickin hot box and get it in girl. So I just do it.

Sarah Metzger 32:37
I love that so much. You are so damn inspiring. And we all should aspire to just have your discipline and focus every day with all the things because you were an example on getting it done doing it, achieving it, and just showing other people how to do that too. Just amazing. Just amazing. You’re amazing. Evie tell us where we can find you. How can we find you and stay connected with you and potentially work with you?

Unknown Speaker 33:07
Yeah, so you guys can check out my website. It’s Eviekevish.com, I’m sure it’ll be linked in the description. And then also, you could follow me on social media. I’m on Instagram, just my name Eviekevish. And then I also recently started a tiktok, I don’t know, I said I was never gonna get on there. But now I have one. So same thing EvieKevish. And then I also have a Facebook. But to be honest with you, I don’t really ever use it or post on there. I just have it as part of my branding campaign with my with my brand, which is me. But yes, so basically my website and Instagram are the best way to get in touch with me and you know, feel free to check out my social media. I offer free juicing recipes and tips to help people. And then if you have any questions, you know, feel free to reach out and let me know and I’m happy to help. So thank you.

Sarah Metzger 34:03
Awesome, awesome. I love talking to you today. Thanks for joining us and we’ll talk again soon.

Evie Kevish 34:09
Okay, thank you, Sarah. Have a great day.

Sarah Metzger 34:18
Omgosh, you guys, as awesome as that was it did not even scratch the surface. But here’s what I took away from it anyways. One, it’s not about having the best body. It’s about creating a badass vessel. Two… starting every day with gratitude will help put you in the mindset of dedication. Three, showing up for yourself is benefiting everyone else including you and showing your kids a great example. I hope you gained so much inspiration from this conversation that will help you fuel a dedicated mindset to put your goals into focus.

New from Evie that wasn’t yet available at the time of this recording is handcrafted juice blends. Whether you are looking for fresh cold pressed juice or are looking to cleanse and detox and heal. Evie has the juices you want and need. Currently offering local pickup only, local as in Northwest Indiana or ChiTown. Contact links are in the show notes to order to get coached and to stay connected with me. Trust me, she is definitely someone that you need in your everyday life. Thanks for showing your support today of what’s on your plate. I love being here with you every week. I’m always open to your suggestions and feedback. Who do you think should be the podcast? Who do you think has a great conversation to offer? Head over to lelulosvegan.com and leave your input in the Feed Us Your Thoughts form. I absolutely love hearing from you. I’ll see you next Thursday!

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