Anthony Pucillo on Learning That Your Ego is Not Who You Are, Meeting in the Middle, & How Transforming Your Mindset is the Key to Lasting Change.

September 1, 2022

Born in Chicago in 1966, Tony Pucillo moved to the Tampa Bay Florida area when he was just 5 years old. After beach bumming around until the age of 19, he then took Criminology and went through the police academy to become a correctional counselor to inmates at the Florida Department of Corrections. After 9 years he decided to follow an old high school dream and become a DJ. He then worked clubs and events for close to 20 years, moving to Los Angeles to be closer to the hub of entertainment. Living life like a rock star and porn star Tony appeared to have it all. But inside he wanted to do something else. As he evolved he took up Zen, Buddhism, and spiritual work. Now he sees his life as a series of moments to cherish and feels that if he can evolve over and over again then anyone can do what they dream of. May you be filled with peace and happiness.

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