March 20, 2022

A place to connect on all the things that make our plates abundant or heavy, and how we can shift our portions in life to better nourish our bodies, minds and hearts. Join me & my guests as we peel back the layers of life, in hopes of transforming our own.

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Hey there loves! Thanks for stopping in and checking out What’s On Your Plate. I’m Sarah, your host. I’m here to create a place to explore the journeys of our lives, to peel back the layers a bit on what feeds us, inspires us and challenges us. I want to talk about everything from the physical foods we eat, being better humans to living present purposeful lives that are just as much of service to others as they are to ourselves. I’m holding space for you as my guests and I look for new transformative perspective, with the hopes of gaining deeper understanding of all the things that add abundance or heaviness to our plates. We’ll be looking for insight that propels our growth in mind, body and spirit forward. It’s all here, ready for you to absorb. Take what you need, and leave what you don’t. So with an open heart, I invite you to settle in and share it with a friend. I’m so glad that you’re here!

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